This recipe was submitted by who says that her macaw, amazon and tiels just love the stuff.
1/4 c rice
5 raisins
2 dates cut into pieces
a few slivered almonds
handful of egg noodles
Cook rice, raisins, noodles and dates together. Add almond slivers. let cool and serve. They eat till it is gone! I have also added a few bits of grain to this, maybe an 1/8 of a C. Most variations work well. The raisins and dates make the mixture very sweet so don't give too much to each bird! You might find that they will want only that and not their food!



1/2 c. pearl brown rice
1/2 c. hulled barley
1/2 c. whole wheat berries (a grain)
Cook in large pot with lots of water for about 15 min., then add 1/2 c. of salad macaroni and cook another 15 min. or until the Wheat is just starting to soften. Remove from heat and add:
1 lb. package of frozen whole kernel corn
1 lb. package of frozen sweet peas
1 lb. package of frozen Chopped broccoli
Mix and let sit for a few minutes till the veggies thaw, keeping them covered with water. Then put into strainer and rinse thoroughly with cold water and drain (I usually let them drain about 20 min.) till they don't drip water. Then put it into packages that will be used in 3 days and/or freeze the rest. Thaw overnight before feeding if you freeze it.
* Note: Quite often I chop a bell pepper and add to the cooking pot when I add the macaroni. The birds seem to like the added flavor.
You can add diced potatoes or sweet potatoes, too. They like those, also.
This recipe is one I derived by asking my avian vet if it was a healthy diet for my birds. She said this was great and said "don't forget fresh green, leafy veggies".
Please print the recipe and keep it handy. You never know when someone else might want a copy.